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Unicorn Trail

March 22, 2024 - April 22, 2024

Join us from 22nd March – 22nd April for a magical FREE EVENT.

Join the trail from 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 6pm on Sundays.

Celebrating Scotland’s National Animal

Come and join us for a mythical adventure this Easter as an array of beautiful beasts make their home at Caledonia Park.

As well as meeting the leader of the unicorns ‘Caledonia’ for photo ops and selfies, you can learn about the mythology of many more of her friends by completing the Unicorn Trail.

This trail will lead visitors around the park to discover 10 delightfully designed unicorns made by local school children. Each one will have a name, where they are from, and fascinating facts about the creature, plus a QR code for you to scan and join the trail. The first letter of each unicorn’s name will form a word – discover all 10 unicorns and unscramble this word online to enter a prize draw. The lucky winners will receive a special Easter Lindt prize bundle – magic indeed! Please note that the prize must be collected from the Guest Information Hub at Caledonia Park.

Caledonia the Leader of the Unicorns

Caledonia is name of this magnificent unicorn, and she has led many other unicorns on adventures around this beautiful land for many years. She is a strong leader, always knowing the best path to take with the most beautiful views and delicious meadows to feast in. She is kind and generous, always making sure the rest of the heard have what they need, as she understands that kindness is the biggest strength one can have.

Along her travels over the many years and centuries she has roamed, Caledonia has got to know the flower, plants, mountains, and skies of Scotland very well. As new unicorns have joined her and her friends along the way, this beautiful scenery has inspired the names she has given each one.

Caledonia celebrates the individual talent and sparkle of each unicorn that make up her ‘Blessing of Unicorns’, and as such names each one based on their personal interests and inspirations.

So, Caledonia invites you to explore and try to find all 10 of her friends who are placed around the park – each one named by her with love.