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In Harmony with our Natural Environment

At Caledonia Park we support a Clean Air Environment, the health, wellbeing and enjoyment of our guests continues to be at the forefront of our minds which is why we ask all visitors to refrain from smoking or vaping within the park. Our rural location means we aim to work with our natural environment to make sure we are in harmony with nature.




Sustainability is at the forefront of our business

Here at Caledonia Park we are committed to working sustainably across all areas of the Park and with our Retail Partners to reduce our impact on the local environment.


Our commitment to sustainable practices has seen us awarded prestigious Green Apple awards throughout the years. 

  • 2018 International Gold Green Apple Award Winner for Best Practice, Habitat and Diversity.
  • 2019 Scottish Green Apple Champion for Environmental Best Practice.
  • 2020 saw us win a World Green Apple for Environmental Champion.

Here are just a few of the ways we have implemented sustainable practices within our business



  • All of the waste at Caledonia Park is segregated into different streams including wood, plastic, tins, metal and cardboard to ensure we are recycling as much waste as possible. Here at Caledonia Park our waste is zero to landfill.


  • Coffee Cups are removed from general waste and sent back to our Costa Coffee cafe for recycling. You can read all about Costa’s sustainable practices on their website here.


  • We work with Gumdrop Ltd to recycle chewing gum  and With their help, recycled and processed chewing gum can become a vast number of things from wellington boots, to mobile phone covers, stationary, packaging and much more!


  • We are a registered Walkers Crisp packet drop off centre. Bring along your empty crisps packets to our Guest Information Hub to be recycled. Learn more about what happend to crisp packets after collection on the Walkers website here.


  • We have 2 Bee hives onsite at Caledonia Park. As pollinators Bees contribute greatly to our ecosystem and are an essential part of nature. We work with PlanBee to maintain our hives and produce delicious honey!


  • Coat hanger Reuse Initiative: In order to reuse and recycle we have a designated coat hanger reuse rack located in our Guest Information Hub. Customers are welcome to help themselves and reuse all hangers in their own wardrobe!




Here at Caledonia Park we are always looking for new ways to become even more efficient in our sustainable journey.