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This year, we celebrate a century and a half of the 501® Original (our first-ever blue jeans) and people living in Levi’s®. And in the world of 501® jeans, every person has a pair, and every pair has a story. What started with some denim, copper rivets and an American dream has become a worldwide phenom and, quite possibly, the most beloved clothing article of all time.


Our iconic five-pocket, button-fly straight fit has been loved by everyone: miners, cowboys, hippies, rockers, skaters, musicians, politicians, celebrities, unsung heroes and countless others on every kind of journey. And that’s led to a lifetime of *your* stories interwoven into the fabric of ours. 


So, when it came time to throw our biggest, baddest anniversary bash ever, the first thing we did was find real people with a real love for 501® jeans and ask them all the same thing: “So…what’s your 501® story?”