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Feel renewed in our botanical haven of citrus and green-woody fragrances. Our freshly picked hand wash and lotion sets bring nature into your indoor living. Deeply cleanse and treat your hardworking hands to sunny lemon, verdant lime and crisp pettigree.

Luminous. Enlivening. Renewing.


Individual fragrances:

Lemon & Mandarin

Inch closer to your well-deserved holiday fantasy. You’ll love our all-season favourite for its vivid Italian lemon oil, bright mandarin and luscious fig leaf notes. Who says you can’t turn a daily cleansing routine into a sunny Mediterranean escape?

Luminous. Carefree. Sun-kissed.


Lime & Patchouli

Energise your usual hand care ritual with intensely zesty Thai lime leaves, restorative eucalyptus and rich patchouli. Bonus: lime leaf oil has naturally deodorising properties to keep you feeling revitalised throughout the day.

Sparkling. Verdant. Enlivening.


Pettigree Dew

Next time you’re cleaning your hands, daydream of a charming English garden in bloom. Bring joy to such a simple act with vibrant lemon, lily of the valley and pettigree – a fresh, herbaceous shrub known for its naturally cleansing properties.

Crisp. Delicate. Renewing.


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